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Tareekh Ka Safar

July 6, 2016
Naag Rani
July 6, 2016
Qasas Ul Ambiya
July 6, 2016

Tareekh Ka Safar
(Part I, II, & III)

S tory of time …. Creation to Christ…. A Mini Encyclopedia …. Appearance of humans …. Formation of tribes and communities …. Beginning of history in different parts of the globe …. Adam & Eve’s birth …. Noah’s flood and arc …. Babylon, the first city on earth …. Lives of Holy prophets and epics of Rama, Sita, Krishna, Mahabharata and Ramayana …. Myths of India, Greece, Roma and Egypt …. Legendry kings …. First known Earthquake …. Lost continents & cities ….Transparent and bricked pyramids …. Seven wonders of the ancient world …. Titans of Olympus …. Kashumir and Kashmir …. 30 million deities of Hindus …. First Calendars and flags …. Famous battles & romances …. And many more
Detailed Articles …. Invaluable information
Although history is a typical and confusing subject but I had chosen this as his my basic interest and “Tareekh Ka Safar” can be presented as a best example of fantastic historical research work.
“Thareekh Ka Safar” (Journey of the History) is principally a story of time which is spread over the period from Creation to Christ. We can call it Mini Encyclopedia also because it is not restricted to any region, topic, issue or specific period and I have tried to compile it in vast canvas and discuss and highlight global records in this book.
Actually, this is a part of my proposed 22 volumes of “Tareekh Ka Safar”. First two volumes are about before Christ period and remaining 20 volumes will represent 20 centuries of Christian era as one volume, one century basis.
This is first volume of this lengthy project but its second part is complete and due in next few months, according to publishers. Apart from some basic questions and arguments that how this massive mission will be completed single evenhandedly, we cannot ignore importance of its first part because it has its own identity.
“Tareekh Ka Safar” (Part I) is comprised on the period from Creation of Universe to 3000 BC. It has 55 detailed research articles on different subjects and incidents with the sequence of their formation and configuration.
Some invaluable information and important topics which have been described with detail in this 560 pages book are;
Creation of Universe, Life on earth, Appearance of humans, Formation of tribes and communities, Beginning of history in different parts of the globe, Adam & Eve’s birth, Noah’s flood and arc, Babylon, the first city on earth, Jericho, the first walled city, Taxila, the unique city, Emerald of East, Conspiracy of Rama temple, Hindu become kings of Hindustan, Lives of Holy prophets and epics of Rama, Sita, Krishna, Mahabharata and Ramayana, Myths of India, Roma and Egypt, Legendary kings of Persia and Titans of Greece, First known Earthquake, Lost continents & cities, Transparent and bricked pyramids, Seven wonders of the ancient world, Mysterious Indus civilization, Kashu and Kashmir, 30 million deities of Hindus, First Calendars and flags, Famous battles & romances etc, etc ….
A Timeline is also given in last portion of the book; year by year with the name of “Zindgi Ka Safar” (Journey of Life) in which some minor but important events has been mentioned.
Over all, this is a good asset and can provide healthy material for history students.
I have written in my beginning note of this book that I want to be alive for hundreds of years on titles of books and I am sure that I can achieve my goal with completion of this useful and informative history manual.
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