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Bey Zaban Khuda

February 19, 2017
Rani Jhansi
February 15, 2017
Tareekh ul Ambiya
February 20, 2017

Bey Zaban Khuda

A Classical Novel … Heart touching story … Unexpected events … Astonishing happenings … Collection of stillness and distress … And valuable material for readers …!!!


DUA was a girl from poor family … Extraordinary beautiful, stunning and intelligent … But contradictory from her name she was not believer of DUA (Prayer) …
Her stance was that if the Allah know wills and wishes of heart why she should plead or beg for any thing from him … Allah is aware of her requirements so HE had to fulfill these … Her childhood friend tried to change her thoughts but failed and at one moment she said to DUA that time will come when you ask Allah for your desires and dreams come true without any insistence ….
After her father’s death she started her practical life … She enjoyed some time with peace and harmony but then a satin came to her world who shattered and ruptured her like week branch of a tree … but at the same time her boss fell in love with her who belongs from Royal family of Egypt … He protected this busted and broken girl …
DUA become CEO of the firm, from an ordinary employee and beloved of this Egyptian Prince but the supremacy of Allah yet to be established …
So DUA was compelled to obey orders of the Almighty Allah without any motivation … and she prayed for safety and security for her own LIFE …!!!
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